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Spent coffee with heavy carbon footprint is no longer a wasted resource

EXTRPRIZE is a biotechnology company based in Kyiv, Ukraine dedicated to unlocking the hidden value inside spent coffee grounds (SCG), using coffee’s byproduct combined with biotechnology to upcycle SCG into functional ingredients for cosmetics, functional foods & beverages, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals


Coffee's problem

We drink over 2 billion cups of coffee a day worldwide. For most coffee waste, the landfill is the only destination

6 mln tons of coffee waste go into landfills every year, causing further estimated emission of 40+ mln tons of greenhouse gasses

Our coffee drinking habits are generating a lot of waste. But, perhaps ‘waste’ is a misconception?


About us

” To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advances in science”

Albert Einstein


Less than 5% of coffee’s beneficial compounds are extracted when you make a cup of coffee. Meanwhile, 95% of valuable ingredients such as free fatty acids (omega-6, omega-9), vitamins E, D usually are wasted

EXTRPRIZE team is developing the solution not only preventing CO2 emissions but unlocking the full potential of spent coffee.

With modern cryogenic extraction technologies we can reveal all useful components on a molecular level, we have extracted them at a lab scale and know that they are there

We upcycle 100% of spent coffee into coffee extract and fat-free, protein-rich flour, converting the problem of polluting wastes into benefits of valuable products redirected into the economy

It is expected to establish Ukraine’s 1st Circular Coffee Biorefinery, where we aim to process 30 tonnes of coffee grounds per month from selected corporate partners


Coffee circular economy

We believe that circular business models are necessary in a future where people and nature must not only coexist but nurture each other

Paradoxically, SCG that are full of useful ingredients when thrown away causing ecological harm.

According to the International Coffee Organization almost 10 million tons of coffee are traded yearly worldwide. When spent coffee grounds decompose, they generate X7 of greenhouse gasses. As a result, the worldwide emissions of coffee waste are equivalent to the annual emissions of 10 million cars

With more than 2 billion cups of coffee consumed worldwide every day it is time to act – and treat coffee waste as a natural resource

By utilizing coffee grounds in EXTRPRIZE circular business model, the harmful emissions are therefore minimized, while coffee’s health potential can be fully exploited

Coffee grounds contain a lot of compounds beneficial for our health, skin and well-being like essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin E, among others


- Diverting waste from landfill

- Prevention of carbon emissions

- Sustainable source of natural chemicals

- Benefits from circular economy


How it works

Our proven 100% spent coffee upcycling services allow our partners to shortcut their internal carbon pricing charges

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1. We collect spent coffee grounds from HoReCa, retail networks & gas stations

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2. They are then processed at our SCG upcycling facilities

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3. We obtain coffee extract and fat-free, protein-rich flour with zero wastes


Why upcycled coffee?

Consumer’s increasing demand for natural products pushes cosmetic formulators' buying decisions. Currently commonly used extracts are made either from green or roasted coffee beans. Coffee as a natural ingredient is becoming more expensive, that’s caused by climate change and growing demand. Thus, a sustainable production of coffee’s natural compounds at reasonable cost is needed. So, here it is!


EXTRacoffee extract

A lipid used in food & beverages as well as personal care products, consisting of a hand wash, body & hair wash and a body lotion. The polyphenol-rich oil (Coffea Arabica) has been thoroughly tested and has scientific evidence for being a valuable asset in anti-ageing, moisturizing, hair care, anti-cellulite, wound-healing and sun care formulations

During our research we learnt that the level of antioxidants in brewed coffee is even higher than in fresh coffee, meaning it only gets better for your skin through the brewing process



The flour obtained from spent coffee grounds is extremely rich in antioxidant dietary fibers (~73%), protein (13-17%), potassium and magnesium, a low fat and carbohydrates content and no caffeine. Moreover, the SCG flour is composed of fat saturates, mono-unsaturates, and polyunsaturates, salt, ash, moisture, sodium, calcium, phosphorus.

EXTRaflour has a high nutritional superiority amongst other specialty flours, demonstrating its potential as a novel food ingredient

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EXTRPRIZE team is passionate about creating local solutions to solve global problems

We strive to radically change mindsets, and show that materials can still possess huge value, even after being used for their primary purpose

We’re aimed to deliver high quality products and services to our customers, whilst never compromising on our commitment to create a positive environmental impact