Coffee circular economy

We believe that circular business models are necessary in a future where people and nature must not only coexist but nurture each other

Paradoxically, SCG that are full of useful ingredients when thrown away causing ecological harm.

According to the International Coffee Organization almost 10 million tons of coffee are traded yearly worldwide. When spent coffee grounds decompose, they generate X7 of greenhouse gasses. As a result, the worldwide emissions of coffee waste are equivalent to the annual emissions of 10 million cars

With more than 2 billion cups of coffee consumed worldwide every day it is time to act – and treat coffee waste as a natural resource

By utilizing coffee grounds in EXTRPRIZE circular business model, the harmful emissions are therefore minimized, while coffee’s health potential can be fully exploited

Coffee grounds contain a lot of compounds beneficial for our health, skin and well-being like essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin E, among others


- Diverting waste from landfill

- Prevention of carbon emissions

- Sustainable source of natural chemicals

- Benefits from circular economy