Why upcycled coffee extract?

Consumer’s increasing demand for natural products pushes cosmetic formulators' buying decisions. Currently commonly used extracts are made either from green or roasted coffee beans. Coffee as a natural ingredient is becoming more expensive, that’s caused by climate change and growing demand. Thus, a sustainable production of coffee’s natural compounds at reasonable cost is needed. So, here it is!


EXTRacoffee extract

A lipid used in food & beverages as well as personal care products, consisting of a hand wash, body & hair wash and a body lotion. The polyphenol-rich oil (Coffea Arabica) has been thoroughly tested and has scientific evidence for being a valuable asset in anti-ageing, moisturizing, hair care, anti-cellulite, wound-healing and sun care formulations

During our research we learnt that the level of antioxidants in brewed coffee is even higher than in fresh coffee, meaning it only gets better for your skin through the brewing process



A gluten-free and high-protein flour, derived from spent coffee grounds which is caffeine-free, low in fat, rich in proteins and with insoluble dietary fibers and potassium. Perfect additive for compound feed or pet food production. 
The flour obtained from spent coffee grounds is extremely rich in antioxidant dietary fibers (~73%), protein (13-17%), potassium and magnesium, a low fat and carbohydrates content and no caffeine. Moreover, the SCG flour is composed of fat saturates, mono-unsaturates, and polyunsaturates, salt, ash, moisture, sodium, calcium, phosphorus.
EXTRaflour has a high nutritional superiority amongst other specialty flours, demonstrating its potential as a novel food ingredient